Shape understands how kids learn.

It is vital to teach young learners strategies to maximize their strengths to overcome learning challenges & reach their fullest potential.

Davis® Programs

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower and illuminate the strengths and special talents of children and adults with learning challenges, such as Dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder, with an understanding of how they learn and give them strategies that will help to maximize their strengths and overcome challenges.

By supporting learning challenges, the individual may strive to achieve their fullest potential as learners in school and life. These tools and strategies will fit their learning needs, and an ability to apply their new skills to all future learning and life experiences.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is that people with Dyslexia and similar learning differences have the opportunity to develop, nurture, and optimize their individual talents as a path to personal and professional respect, success, and satisfaction.

  • Equipped with the skills and strategies necessary to address their learning differences and to achieve their own level of academic confidence and future success.
  • Develop self-confidence from an early age, along with a realistic self-understanding of their personal talents, strengths, and weaknesses that will allow them to view dyslexia as a unique opportunity or “gift.” 
  • Be able to appropriately and effectively get the resources they need to be successful in pursuing an education, career, relationships and family life.



“The program showed me how to make a picture in my head while reading. Using clay, I never tried something like that before and it helped me make pictures in my brain with words that are difficult to imagine.” Alec (8 years old)

Dyslexia Correction Program

“Even though reading was not one of his strong subjects he has been doing much better. He is reading at grade level or even higher…. He has good fluency and comprehends everything. …Alec had no trouble finding words while talking and knew he was explaining himself without any difficulties.” Mom of Alec (8 years old)

Dyslexia Correction Program

“I need to thank you because Natalie won more confidence and got a stronger attitude through learning with you. She is missing you already!!! Great pleasure to have a teacher like you for Natalie. Sending you a big hug from Natalie and hope she may keep in touch with you. Especially selecting books that she keeps interested in!” Mom of Natalie (8 years old)

After School Support

“…She connected with you from day one… Cristina is full of energy and needs constant action! Thank you so much for managing her energy in such a positive way and letting her be herself. She always felt loved and accepted by you and loved working with you. She holds you dear in her heart, and so do we!” Mom of Cristina (9 years old)

Attention Mastery Strategies

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Mimi Mendoza de Carrillo
Licensed Davis® Dyslexia Facilitator

Specializes in Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia & AD(H)D. Reading, Writing, Math & Attention Correction. Find out more about Mimi here.