The Davis Difference

Dyslexia is a mental gift or talent.

Dyslexics think in pictures, rather than words.

They are imaginative, creative and try to solve problems by looking at the whole picture, rather than working step-by-step. The Davis Dyslexia Correction Program is a goal and strength-based approach that embraces the mental talents that dyslexics share to overcome their learning difficulties. When dyslexics recognize their mental talents, they develop an increased sense of self-esteem and confidence. As they continue to apply the strategies taught, which capitalize on their talents, they progress very rapidly.

No Phonics

Dyslexics depend mostly on a non-verbal thought process, relying on pictures or other sensory impressions. They have difficulty with phonics because they think with the sounds of words and it is difficult to try to read by breaking words down into sounds. Davis strategies teach a visual and meaning-based approach that is much easier for dyslexic people to learn and use. This leads to more rapid success than with traditional instruction. Davis strategies empower dyslexic students to become fluent, efficient and often enthusiastic readers.

No Repetition or Drills

Repetition and drills only increases frustration and a dyslexic will not retain information unless they understand where it fits into the “big picture”. The Davis method gives dyslexics tools that allow them to master the symbols and concepts that are part of learning. When these are mastered, the information is inherently understood, then there is no need to practice or review.

No Colored Overlays or Large Print Books

Dyslexics often experience distortions in perception, but this is caused by mental disorientation. It is not a problem with vision or hearing, but rather the way the brain interprets the input from the senses. The Davis method teaches strategies to learn to recognize when disorientation occurs and with these simple strategies, to reorient themselves so that they can maintain mental focus and accurately perceive print on a page.

No Medications or Herbal Treatments

The Davis Method gives the dyslexic strategies to take control of their own learning, focus and energy level. Since dyslexia is not a disease, medications will not heal the underlying problem, and will only interfere the ability to learn.

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